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Bellville Circus!

Bellville Circus!

The Circus came to town and it was HOT HOT HOT outside making the inside of the Big Top even hotter. Here are some shots from the amazing show! The kids got to ride on the Elephant and I got a Snow Cone, so really it was a win win situation for everyone.


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Bitterroot Valley Rain Storm

Storms come and go quickly in the Bitterroot Valley. I took some shots the other day of a very quick moving rain storm that came over the mountain range from Idaho and disappeared just as quick as it started. I shot the images on a Nikon D700 with a ND Fader filter and a Graduated Orange Cokin filter on the most of the images.

This is what the Valley looked like about 20 minutes before the Rain Cloud’s came streaking over the Bitterroot Mt. Range. Shot taken in Stevensville, MT.


Used a Cokin Filter and a Gradated Filter because the sky was pretty bright. The rain came across the mountains very quickly.

 Another angle of that Raining going through the valley.

 Shows the Bitterroot Mountain Range in the background.

 Looking down North Burnt Fork Road towards the Bitterroot Mt. Range.



Ronan Trading Post

Yesterday I headed out to Ronan, MT to go to a very small and very cute Trading Post. The store had all sorts of Native American Jewellery to Old Hudson Bay Boxes and more. The landscape shots where taken out of the car window, due to the massive rain shower that engulfed the whole area.


Shot through the front window of the car with a hand held Orange Graduated Cokin Filter.



The rain shower closing in on us.


I hand held a Cokin graduated orange filter and shot through the window of the car, therefore getting some rainbow effect on the small lake.


Pretty dark out now because of the clouds.


Entrence to the Trading post just outside of Ronan.


The boys leading the way. Shot with a Polarizer filter on (didn’t really need it). It was sprinkling at this point and I just didn’t want to remove it.



Trading Post!










All the shots where taken with a Nikon D700 17-35mm 2.8 lens and a polarizer filter and sometimes a Cokin Filter.  Everything was edited in Photoshop CS6 and I always always use camera RAW even with my JPEGS.  Its nice to just get out and click away for fun sometimes.








Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge

Just shooting some fun shots of the beautiful Spring here in Montana. The lighting in the Bitterroot Valley is beautiful and there is always lots to photograph, especially in the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge.


Lots of White Tail Deer around.


Looking back over the Park towards the Bitterrot Mountains.

Looking on the other side of the Bitterrot Valley back towards the Sapphire Mountain Range.

Bitterrot Mountain Range.


Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge. Stevensville Montana



Love just driving through the park and stopping to snap pictures as I go. This is looking back at the Bitterroot Mountains.


Looking up the Valley towards Missoula. Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge.



Clouds gathering along the Bitterroot Mountain Range.



Looking up the Valley. Sapphire Mountain Range is on the right side of the image.



As you drive around Stevensville you tend to notice Wild Turkeys hanging out. The biggest group of these Turkeys can offten be viewed at the Local Stevensville Golf course.

The males are currently “Strutting their stuff”.



The larger Male Turkeys tend to pick fights with the immature Males.