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Haida Gwaii, June Bite!

Over the Past 5 days, I have been lucky to photograph in Beautiful Haida Gwaii, for the West Coast Fishing Club. The Sea’s where calm and the sky’s where grey, but the bite was on and everyones fish boxes where full. Here are some samples of the shots I took through out the week!

Check out the West Coast Fishing Club’s website for more detials on their services:

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My Trusty Pelican, keeping all my cameras safe!

The inside of the beautiful Club House, Lounge!

Head Chef Tim, working hard!

West Coast Fishing Club, Clubhouse dinner!

The Clubhouse, West Coast Fishing Club

Immature Bald Eagle swooping in for it’s catch!

Jelly Fish, Langara Island

Helicopter takes off from North Island Dock!

North Island Lodge, West Coast Fishing Club


Nice looking Bald Eagle.

Nice Chinook Release!

Hanging at the Weight Scales

 Ready for some action! 

Full Fish Box 

A Beautiful 50lbs Chinook! 

Released Spring 

Flying back to Masset. 

Masset Runway! 

Flying Air Canada Jazz 

Heading on home! Air Canada Jazz 



Jenn & Hale’s E-Session

Jenn & Hale E-Sesson

Today was a great day for an E-Session. With the sun on our side, I headed out with Jenn and Hale to busy Gastown to try and see what type of great images we could capture. Jenn and Hale walked all around the cobble stone streets; stopping for my camera to smile, jump and yes even kiss!  Hale even came to my rescue when some crazy guy; without his shirt on, grabbed my camera bag and started to walk off with it!!!! I was incredibly thankful that he managed to stopped the thief; and felt rather stunned to think that I have lived in Detroit, traveled through Europe, Panama, Peru & Guatemala and it was here in Vancouver, that I almost lost my photo gear!

Thanks guys for making today incredibly memorable and of course, the Beer!!!


Hale told me at the start of the shoot that he wouldn’t  jump! Look who’s jumping now Hale….

Jenn and Hale met at the Balarney Stone, Gastown!

The trick is to run into the road when there is a brief break in traffic!!!

Loving the Gun’s!

Jumping on the back of The Pink Bus!

Cutest Sing in Gastown. Jenn found this gem of a sign. One side say’s “don’t talk to strangers” and the other side say’s “You might fall in love”!

Why a picture with a fan you ask? I say, why not!!! The great couple looking very Hollywood!


photocrati gallery

“Flat Bottom Girl” WVYC Ladies Sailing !

“Flat Bottom Girl” WVYC Ladies Sailing!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of  sailing on an amazing 42ft Sailing boat with some of my closest friends for the Annual West Vancouver Yacht Club Ladies Cruise. We where a mixture of talented sailers and like myself slightly more novice sailers, all hoping to make our mark on the race.  We started the race feeling rather confident in our abilities and after a short “Coffee & Muffin” break, we quickly realized that we had forgotten completely about the race and now where sitting in very last place.  Unfortunately, the crew of the Eclipse were unable to recover from this relapse in judgment and our “Flat Bottom Girl” could not  re-gain her place with the rest of the pack.

After losing our wind, we floated for what seemed like forever in the “Doldrums of Bowen Island”, feeling slightly embarrassed as we watched a group of Kayakers pass us by.  The crew of the Eclipse discussed various options (ei; starting up the engine…oh and starting up the engine), but the greater majority of us stayed confident in our wind luck changing (also, we had nothing else to do). So we bobbed about floating at around .01 knots, being pulled sideways with the current.  We were very happy to not be stuck in the middle of the Ferry Traffic part of the channel and waited patiently for the wind to fill our sail’s back up and push us towards the finish line.

Sure enough, after 4.5 hours of “intense” racing (eating and drinking), we crossed over the imaginary line. With no one there to cheer us on or watch us complete the race, we did what any enthusiastic sailor would do! We Blow our own air horn and cheered loudly!

Pulling up to the dock with our heads held high, we soon learned that the winner of the race was a very talented Solo Racer, who manhandled her 30+ racer by herself all the way to the finish line.  Our last place finish was consoled by some fantastic food; cooked for by a couple of the Yacht Club men and we enjoyed the beautiful Centre Bay docks and facilities.

Here are some shots from the fantastic weekend and thanks to everyone for letting lose and having a good time!


ladiessail104webExperienced Sailor Linds, fine tuning the jib. Gusting 25knots on our way home from Gambier.

ladiessail5webOur Fearless Captain, Fiona steering us into the wind!

ladiessail112webLinds pretending like she is working hard, just so I can take a picture of her.

Rule of thumb: “Always Look behind you when photographing, sometimes the best shots come from you just turning your head around!”

ladiessail8webEmily balancing on a log. We had an incredible hike on Gambier. Mostly filled with caterpillars and very large ferns!

ladiessail19web1 out of 2 boat dog mascots, Tikka enjoyed the wind in her hair!