I honestly can’t recommend Jessica Haydahl enough. When we started planning our wedding, Jessica quickly became the one non-negotiable factor: we knew we had to have her. Even if it meant flying her out to a remote location to photograph our wedding. Luckily, she is the adventurous type, so she effortlessly managed to navigate unknown territory to deliver stunning photos of our wedding day. We were so impressed with how well she integrated into our community, scouting out picturesque locations and chatting with the locals to coordinate for the wedding day pictures (she even chatted up a little nun who I didn’t realize spoke English.) My family even loved hanging out with her in the days leading up to the wedding. Her easy-going style really put us all at ease, and the resulting photos were so natural and gorgeous. She captured so many amazing candid shots. My wedding album is absolutely stunning, and the photos are just timeless. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my wedding photos.